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In Extended Rant, Joe Scarborough Demands We Tax The Rich

In Extended Rant, Joe Scarborough Demands We Tax The Rich

"In the world we've lived in over the past 40 years there's been the largest income redistribution scam in American history. And it's been the middle class that's been looted while trillions keep flowing into the bank accounts of billionaires," he said.

Suddenly, Fox Wants The U.S. To Be More Like The French

Remember the days when Fox News mocked John Kerry for being too French? When we were supposed to boycott France? That was so last decade! Now that France's high court has overturned a measure raising taxes on the wealthiest, Fox News wants us to

Rep. Tom Price: 'Balanced Approach' Means No Tax Increases

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) says that Republicans are willing to compromise on a deal to reduce the deficit, but a "balanced approach" would include no increases in tax rates. "A real solution includes both revenue increases and spending reductions,"

Campaign Scrambles After Romney Admits Obama Didn't Raise Taxes

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's campaign was forced to quickly issue a clarification on Tuesday after their candidate admitted that President Barack Obama had not raised taxes during his first four years in office. "I admit this,